Our company Filitex S.A.L. as it is known today started as a family business in 1934 in Beirut through the initiative of our 1stgeneration of the Mohbat family presently running the company  and was called N. MOHBAT & Co. or also known as “Fabrique Nationale de Bonneterie”.  The company quickly developed into a successful apparel manufacturing company with sales encompassing both the local market in Lebanon and also our export market to our neighboring Arab countries.

In 1972 our perseverance to try and expand our export business led to our first and most rewarding contract with Karstadt in Germany.  These efforts  also led to the expansion of the export business that grew to reach many of the large department stores in Germany, France Holland and Sweden.  This was predominantly based on our clients’ appreciation of our professional care and attention to our business and the strict respect to all the required specifications and our adherence to the delivery dates and always in conformity with the high existing European quality standards.


Unfortunately our history in Lebanon encountered some dark days and in October of 1978 our factory was destroyed as a result of the turmoil in the regions surrounding our plant.

Despite this difficult experience, we proceeded to immediately acquire the needed machinery form western Europe and within 30 days had started all apparel manufacturing operations in a new building constructed on top of our existing spinning mill 20 km outside Beirut far away from the regions considered at risk at the time.  This rapid reaction allowed us to continue our production and to deliver all our pending orders to our European clients in an orderly fashion. 

It is then that our present company FILITEX S.A.L., where the Mohbat family also own 91% of the shares of the company, acquired N. Mohbat & Co. 

At Filitex S.A.L. the concerted efforts and desire to continue with the development of the company, it was able to quickly regain its market leader position as one of the most successful apparel manufacturing company in Lebanon and also become one of the most trustworthy supplier to the most prestigious large department stores in western Europe.


Today with the arrival of the 3rd generation in our family, our aim is to remain the leaders in the apparel manufacturing business and this is based on the continued modernization of our state of the art machinery and equipment which are purchased mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  We often receive the visit of various technical expert that are able to provide us with the latest technology in all aspects of our business form the initial stages of the knitting of our yarn, to the dyeing of and finishing of our fabric, to our cut and sew operations as well as our printing and embroidery plants which are all conveniently located in the same compound. The goods are then meticulously prepared for shipment whether to our local shops or wholesalers or to our export clients in adequate packaging allowing the goods to be easily shelved and sold as is.


Our strength remains in our quality of service, our ease of communication with our clients, our strict adherence to our agreements and of course our excellent quality to price ratio