The Cotton Mall is a concept store that was initiated by Filitex SAL in 1997, with main purpose to cater to the Lebanese market “Lebanese products directly from the factory to the consumer”, with no intermediaries, and at low factory prices.
Our flagship branch is located in Zouk Mosbeh with an additional six other branches in Abraj Furn El Chebbak, Achrafieh, Mansourieh, Aoukar, Mtayleb, and Kosba.

Our Factory is situated in the same complex as our flagship store where our brands are produced starting from the models created by our designers, to the production and transformation of the Cotton yarn into its final product.

Our stores, which strongly encourage all Lebanese manufacturers, cater to the complete family from newborn babies to the more mature grown-ups with a strong emphasis on styles appealing to teenagers using state of the art personalized prints and embroideries. These garments include babywear, pyjamas, all styles of underwear, t-shirts, sweat shirts, leggings, shorts, polo shirts, but also a wide variety of outerwear garments including pants, dresses, skirts, men’s shirts, winter wear and much more; we also provide easy solutions for your home shopping including a wide variety of home linens and outdoor towels. We also cater to the most prestigious schools in Lebanon and produce the complete uniforms that are available year round in our stores.

Free parking is available in all our branches.


At The Cotton Mall, consumers mainly find:

  • A complete offer of basic items for all the family
  • Products generally manufactured in Lebanon
  • Best quality/price ratio
  • One-stop shopping for all the family equals time saved.

Most of the products being produced inside our factory, or manufactured in factories in Lebanon under our supervision and specifications, thus we can control the prices to be fair and economical.


During the 80’s and the 90’s, Filitex S.A.L. products were distributed to retail stores and wholesalers.
The main cotton wear brands produced for Lebanon were:

ULYSSE: General Outwear and Sportswear, Ladies, Men’s and children cotton knitwear.
BYD: Men’s classic underwear.
APOCALYPSE: Ladies, Children and babies underwear and cotton items.
FNB: Family classic and Elderly technical underwear.

These four brands offered sustainable collections for all family members, from zero to 99 years, where could be found all kind of cotton items, casual wear and underwear like t-shirts, polo shirts, sweat-shirts, jogging suits, pyjamas, pants, bermudas, leggings, muscle shirts, briefs, boxer shorts, bodysuits, singlets and others. Since final consumers were finding some difficulty to find our collections altogether, the management decided to create a surface in its factory premises, in order to have all the collections available directly to the consumer, without intermediaries and thus with less mark-up.

The primary ides was to bulk all our products and collections in a new retail store called “The Cotton Mall”, to facilitate the shopping for our customers. Then, since we could not produce all kinds of products in our factory, and since our flagship store had to be a family store, we completed our range of products with items manufactured in other factories in Lebanon, often specially customized for The Cotton Mall consumers. Since customers were looking for providing all their family, we completed our range with other items such as shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts, trousers, towels and household linen, generally manufactured in Lebanese factories.


We are currently developing franchising possibilities.
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The Cotton Mall produces school uniforms and Sport apparels, neutral or customized for most of the known schools in Lebanon, bearing their style, designs and logos. These school items are available in our stores all year round or are sold on their school premises, depending on the choice of each school.


  • Babywear and accessories
  • Boys underwear
  • Boys casual wear
  • Boys night wear
  • Girls underwear
  • Girls casual wear
  • Girls night wear
  • Ladies Underwear
  • Ladies casual wear
  • Ladies night wear
  • Mens underwear
  • Mens casual wear
  • Mens night wear
  • Towels and household linen